PIMCO Mutual Funds

Unlike some of the other families of funds reviewed, PIMCO Mutual Funds focuses on serving the institutional money manager.  This difference will become apparent later on, when we discuss minimum investments.  That does not mean individuals should ignore PIMCO funds.  In fact, they should be very interested.

We're including PIMCO in these reviews because investors still have the ability to buy into a fund as part of a larger organization.  For example, the mutual fund offerings of PIMCO might be included as part of a 401(k) plan or 403(b) account.

PIMCO Family of Funds

PIMCO Funds Mutual Funds is part of the Pacific Investment Management Company, which claims to be one of the world's leading fixed income money managers.   This family of funds is a relative newcomer.  The history of the company dates back to 1971, when it started out with just $12 million in assets under management.   The company claims to have 2,400 employees in ten countries.  As of August 2016, PIMCO had over $1.59 trillion in assets under management.  They've experienced very good growth over the past 40 years.

With its focus on the institutional money manager, the average investor may only be familiar with the PIMCO name when it appears as part of a larger offering.  Since the minimum investment on all mutual funds is $1 million, most investors would participate in a fund as part of a larger pool of employees.  For example, an employee might be able to select a PIMCO fund as part of a 401(k) plan.

Funds Fee Structure and Returns

Morningstar ratings indicate the expense ratios for mutual funds at PIMCO are all Average and range from 1.09% for their international stock funds, to 0.75% for their municipal bond fund.  The focus at PIMCO is clearly on taxable bond assets (76.35%) followed by international stock funds (3.90%).

The minimum investment for many PIMCO funds is $1 million.  This is clearly indicating the target client is the institutional investor.  PIMCO has somewhat of a balance when it comes to loads, with approximately 85.3% of the funds being no-load mutual funds.  As of August 2016, the average return on a PIMCO fund was 2.88% over the last five years.

Top Rated PIMCO Mutual Funds

As was the case with OppenheimerFunds, some of the top-rated PIMCO mutual funds are bond funds. Fortunately, all three of these funds are also a no-load fund with a very low expense ratio.  That means more of the investor's money is put to work earning returns. That being said, here is a list of the top performing mutual funds from PIMCO as of August 2016:


PIMCO Foreign Bond (U.S. Dollar-Hedged) Fund Institutional (PFORX)

  • Assets:  $7.7 billion
  • Category:  World Bond
  • Specialty:  None
  • Top Three Holdings: Fin Fut Us 10yr Cbt 06/21/16, Fin Fut Euro-Bobl 5y Eux 06/08/16, and Irs Usd 2.00000 06/15/16-7y Lch.
  • Load:  None
  • Minimum Investment:  1 million
  • Expense Ratio:  0.50%
  • 5-Year Average Return:  5.61%

PIMCO Long-Term Credit Institutional (PTCIX)

  • Assets:  $3.2 billion
  • Category:  Long-Term Bond
  • Specialty:  None
  • Top Three Holdings: Cdx Ig23 5y Ice, Irs Usd 2.250 03/16/17, US Treasury Note 2%.
  • Load:  None
  • Minimum Investment:  $1 million
  • Expense Ratio:  0.55%
  • 5-Year Average Return: 4.61%

PIMCO Real Return Asset Institutional (PRAIX)

  • Assets:  $947 million
  • Category:  Inflation-Protected Bond
  • Specialty:  None
  • Top Three Holdings: Cdx Ig25 5y Ice, US Treasury Bond.
  • Load:  None
  • Minimum Investment:  $1 million
  • Expense Ratio:  0.55%
  • 5-Year Average Return:  4.49%

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