AIM Mutual Funds (Investco)

In this article, we're going to discuss AIM Mutual Funds.  As we've done in previous articles in this series, we're going to first provide some information on the overall family of funds from AIM Investments.  Next, we're going to discuss their mutual fund fee structure.  Finally, we'll finish up with a listing of the top three performing mutual funds available from AIM.

AIM Family of Funds

Founded in 1976, AIM Investments has built its reputation as one of America's leading investment companies. They've done this through their commitment to planning and disciplined growth.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas, AIM also has offices in Dallas and San Francisco.  With roughly 1,500 employees, AIM manages approximately $117 billion in assets.  The family of funds at AIM consists primarily of retail mutual funds and variable annuity funds.   On March 31, 2008, AIM Investments was renamed Invesco AIM as part of the parent firm Invesco's broader branding strategy.  In 2010, the company name was again rebranded under the Invesco name.

Invesco's strategy includes a commitment to investment excellence, depth of investment capabilities, and organizational strength.  They offer individuals a full line of investor choices including 529 plans, Traditional and Roth IRAs, as well as mutual funds.  Private asset management services are available to wealthier investors.  The account minimum for this offering is $100,000 for each investment portfolio.

Fee Structure and Returns

According to Morningstar, the Invesco mutual fund average expense ratio varies little by class of assets, including Average for its international stock funds (1.57%) and Average for its municipal bond funds (0.92%).  As was the case with Janus Mutual Funds, most of the assets under management by Invesco are invested in domestic stock mutual funds (49.57%).

The minimum investment necessary to open an account at Invesco is just $1,000.  Investors looking for short term returns need to be aware that only 35.9% of Invesco mutual funds, expressed as a percentage of assets under management, are no-load mutual funds.  As of August 2016, the average return on a mutual fund over the last five years is 7.08%.

Top Rated Mutual Funds

One of the top rated Invesco mutual funds is currently closed to investors.  We've included the name of that fund below; the other funds remain open to new investors.  That being said, the top rated Invesco mutual funds over the past five years, as measured by total return include (August 2016):

Invesco Asia Pacific Growth A (ASIAX)

  • Assets:  $883 million
  • Category:  Large Cap
  • Specialty:  Asia / Pacific stocks
  • Top Three Holdings:  Hutchison Whampoa Ltd, Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd, and Minth Group Ltd.
  • Load:  5.5% (front end)
  • Minimum Investment:  $1,000
  • Expense Ratio:  1.44%
  • 5-Year Average Return:  3.48%

Invesco European Small Company A (ESMAX)

  • Assets:  $491 million
  • Category:  Small Blend
  • Specialty:  European stocks
  • Top Three Holdings:  Linedata Services, Total Produce PLC, and Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA .
    Load:  5.5% (front end)
  • Minimum Investment:  $1,000
  • Expense Ratio:  1.44%
  • 5-Year Average Return:  4.84%

Invesco Limited Term Municipal Income A2 (AITFX)

  • Assets:  $2.6 billion
  • Category:  Muni
  • Specialty:  None
  • Top Three Holdings:  Miami-Dade Cnty Fla Wtr & Swr Ref Bds 5%, Whiting Ind Environmental Facs Rev 1.85%, and Texas Mun Gas Acquisition & Su Sr 6.25%.
  • Load:  1.0% (front end)
  • Minimum Investment:  $1,000
  • Expense Ratio:  0.36%
  • 5-Year Average Return:  2.51%

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