Job Search Agent (Job Scout)


The term job search agent refers to a database querying tool that allows individuals to select certain attributes of a job opening and receive automatic notifications when a match occurs.  Job search agents can be found on both job posting sites as well as the "careers" section of larger companies.


Also known as a job scout, a job search agent sends an alert to the user when an opening matches the criteria they've selected.  Typically, the alert will be an email containing a brief description of the job opening along with a hyperlink to the more detailed qualifications.  Some systems also provide alerts in the form of an instant message delivered to a smartphone.

The selection criteria of a job search agent are fairly standardized, and may include:

  • Geography:  ranges in granularity from domestic and foreign countries through individual states as well as physical plant locations.
  • Job Function:  allows the user to narrow their search by identifying the types of jobs they are seeking.  For example, job functions may include high-level categories such as accounting, administrative support, and computer services.
  • Company:  oftentimes appears as a selection criterion for a corporation that is also a conglomerate of dissimilar business operations.
  • Job Level:  includes categories such as executive, manager, supervisor, entry level, as well as student (used to identify internships).
  • Keywords:  finally, the job scout may allow the user to type in a number of keywords to narrow their search.

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